Security Framework

The concern for privacy is a subject of continuous discussion within the health informatics community, especially when it comes to genetic data sets, which are subject to strict confidentiality, security constraints, rights and ownership. At the same time, analyses done on these data sets may provide crucial research evidence, however, these analyses must be conducted in such a way as not to compromise standards of privacy, regulations and confidentiality for individuals, providers, facilities and data stewards.

For this reason the Security Framework aims to:

  • Allow a researcher to login using a federated authentication system like ORCID.
  • Allow a researcher to access a resource to which he was given access, or to be able to request this access from the resource owner.
  • Protect existing AIRR-seq data repositories and services.
  • Allow a data steward to manage access to his resources by researchers.
  • Specify different access levels that a researcher and resource can have, where a researcher needs to have the same or above access level to access a resource. A public access level must be defined for information that anyone can access (Exploratory Data Analysis).